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Kingpin - Available for Playtesting on Tabletopia

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Kingpin on Tabletopia

Hi All,

I'm a first-time game designer working with a partner on a crime-themed strategy game. We've been working on it for a couple of months, playtesting with friends and now just starting with a wider audience at game shops and events.

It's a crime-themed strategy game where 2-4 players compete for control of a city. Players control a Kingpin and their Lieutenant, who they move through locations on the board to gain control of abilities and resources. Players compete against each other and NPC cops who roam across the board, interfering with Player's plans.

NOTE: It's an R-rated game about crime, with some strong language and references to violence and drugs.

We've created a playable version on Tabletopia and would love feedback on that or our rules.

An overview:

Link to Tabletopia:
Game Manual:



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