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Let's Kill Krampus!

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Three Fates Games
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Joined: 02/14/2012

Hello gamers, I am a member of Three Fates Games and we are right at the edge of releasing our first game Let's Kill Krampus! The only problem is that we want more people playing it before we put it up on Kickstarter. So...

This is a call to gamers in Chicago to contact us and tell you where you play so we can come to you and your friends. If you want to try out a brand new game, the time is now! We would really love the help!

PS: It's 4-9 players, takes a couple of hours and involves role-playing a bad kid so you can kill Santa's evil brother Krampus and get all of the presents forever!

You can get more details on our website or our facebook page You can also contact me directly if you are interested at

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