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Lines of Fire needs play-testing

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Hi, this is about the game that used to be called Bombarena:

I've now been working on this a bit every evening, and with local playtesters, and some elements are really locking into place so the rules of the main variant should be "done" soon. I just want to polish it up a bit to make clear all of the things that I've found easy to explain in person, but which might be hiccups if someone is only reading the rules document.

So if anyone would like to take a look at the rules and comment (esp. regarding clarity), I'd appreciate it. The rules are on Dropbox:

Also, the game has a lot of cardboard tokens and at the moment I'm using wooden discs from Agricola. I can replace those with paper as well, but they probably won't be as nice to handle. What do you think would be the best way to handle "print & play" playtesting? If people just print on thin paper, it might show through what's on the other side. How do you normally get around this? For my own prototype, I glued several layers of paper together and then cut out the pieces.

One more question: if I use hex tokens instead of square ones, would the extra cutting required be something that might cause you to not want to test the game? (i.e. too much work)

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