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Looking for help playtesting Know Your Enemy duel game

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Joined: 12/31/2013

1/30/14 Update

I've added two sample decks that show roughly what decks with Elemental and non-basic cards should look like. Additionally, I've updated the rules to include instructions on how to build a deck.

Sample Deck with Elements
Sample Deck with no basic cards

A while ago I made a 2 player dueling for a contest but haven't really been able to test it much.


Basic Set
Complete Card List

The basic game is a variation on rock-paper-scissors using strikes-guards-grapples. There is second layer of complexity within the complete card list that adds mechanics. The additions in the complete card list are highly untested and may be completely broken.

Player health in the game is tracked using element cards in the complete card list. If you just use the basic set then you can track health however you want.

Although the cards have no art, the design is mostly final.


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