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Looking for individuals to playtest my game Zombie Solitaire and give feedback

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Joined: 01/21/2012

Hello everyone,
I've created a card game called Zombie Solitaire and yes, it is similar to the card game Klondike Solitaire with the great addition of destroying Zombies!!!

It's a PnP game with 63 cards that you can print out from 3 11x17 PDF sheets.

I was hoping to find so gamers to play test my game and give me some feedback.

If you know how to play Solitaire you will find this very easy to understand. The mechanics are similar to Solitaire and yet I've added elements of zombies, ammo, surivors, and a safe house. Zombies attack the survivors "the cards" and you "joker" shot the zombies using dice to record the ammo usage.

You can find the downloadable card files and rules at

I think it's a fun game that has the aspect of solitaire but the added dimension of destroying zombies!

Thanks for any help you can provide, if people love it I'm hoping to one day put it on Kickstarter.

Thanks again
Joe P.

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