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Looking for people to review my board game - Brige

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Brige's board map
Brige's box

Hi everyone! My name is Tomer Helzer and I just finished building & designing a board game I have been working on for the past four months. It's called Brige and is a political board game set in world war 1.

In short, every player plays as one of the six political parties in a town called Brige, and h

is goal is to become the next Major of Brige.
This game is designed as part RPG, and part strateg

y game ( board map with mobilized figures ). It requires strategic & diplomatic skills, as well as the ability to run a party in WW1 amidst the chaos around you.
Players will go through the experience of running a party, and will face economical and environmental issues. They will have to face requests and conditions from Brige's citizens in exchange for their support, and will have the war interfere with their plans along the game.

If you find this so far interesting, go to my website where you will find full articles and updates about my game.

I'm attaching the adress to my rule book file, so feel free to look through and post a review in the comments:

If you want to test-play and review Brige's gameplay, fill the following email form and I will contact you directly:

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Maccintosh1425 wrote: In

Maccintosh1425 wrote:

In short, every player plays as one of the six political parties in a town called Brige

Is this game based in a real town? Because.. well, there's already a well-known game called "Bridge"...

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A few comments on your

A few comments on your rulebook. General comment: This was written by someone who already knows how to play and assumes we do too.

For example, what is the "Point of Interest Deck"? I'm supposed to shuffle it. I know I have 27 cards, and 18 "Occupied" Cards, which are apparently different from "cards". But then the instructions say, "Shuffle the Point of Interest Deck." I have no idea what I'm shuffling.

And THEN the next line is "Place the Event Cards in order so
that Event Card No. 1 is the first to be drawn, and Event Card No. 7 is the last." WHAT? The event cards appear to be part of the "27 cards". Did I just shuffle those? Did I pull out the 7 event cards into their own stack? Reading down at the end, I guess these cards are pulled out, but now I kind of wish you didn't just tell me to shuffle them, prior to telling me to separate out the events. Now I need to shuffle again.

Then the line after that is "According to the “Start Order”, every player places his Headquarter base on the board map. The location will determine where will the player start from. Place the Party Leader figure on the chosen location, on top of the Headquarter icon"

I'm going to make a guess that the HQ icons are the green squares. I shouldn't have to guess.

"Every time a Party member lands on a Point of Interest, he draws a card from the Point of Interest Deck." Um, what is a point of interest? And you told me to hide that deck from view earlier.. why? Or did you mean just place it face down? I guess the points of interest are the dots?

Anyway, rule book organization. There are threads here devoted to it!

As a separate note, I don't really get the importance of having all the buildings that I guess I can slowly walk through, or why I would want to move around the town at all, instead of just staying in one area and drawing POI cards or whatever.

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Hello Jay103!First of all, I

Hello Jay103!

First of all, I love your comment. This is exactly what I've been trying to receive for the past month besides "nice game" and "looks good". I appreciate the time you've spent in reading my rule book, and thank you for posting a very good review!

My rule book isn't perfect, but that's why I'm giving it to people to review so I know what to make clearer, and what to go over. I've already written down notes and taken your review very seriously, but I'll be glad to answer your questions.

Your first question in the earlier post is correct, but you may have read the name of my game wrong. I am very much aware of the game Bridge, and therefore made sure that my game will be spoken the same way, but written another way. My board game is spelled 'Brige', without the 'd'. I know, a little confusing, but I loved the name and therefore used it as my game title.

Your first qurstion in the post ( what is the "Point of Interest Deck"? ) shouldn't be as confusing when you have the game's content before you. The "Occupied Cards" aren't cards ( and there was no way for a reader to understand that, so thanks for making me aware of the confusement ). Once the game contents are taken out, you can see that the "Occupied Cards" are smaller and resemble an icon placed on the Personal Board. They are not part of the Point of Interest Deck, and I'll clarify that in the rules.

Your second question, which makes me furious to how I didn't see that, is simply missing a line saying: "Seperate the Event Cards from the Point of Interest Deck".

Third question, regarding the HQ, does not require you to make a guess. The HQ icons are shown in the Game Components chapter, and so there is no need to gues what they are.

The Points of Interest are the dots, but I should have made that clearer. Like you said in the beginning of your review, parts of the rule book are written as if obvious by the creator. My bad, and note taken.

The Point of Interest Deck should be hidden from view, and that is because every Point of Interest Card has content on both sides. If placed upside down, part of the card's content will be exposed, and therefore should be hidden. It will become obvious when seeing the cards, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be explained in the rule book, so I'll look into that.
Question: Is hiding the Point of Interest Deck tricky? Meaning, do you think a group of players will have trouble keeping the card's content out of view?

For your seperate note, think about the other factor Brige hosts- Agents, and the possibility to win a game by assasinating a Party Leader. If you want to win the game by staying around your HQ, then that is one way to win in Brige. But if you want to cause damage to your opponent, by moving towards him with a figure ( which he has no idea what Agent it resembles as all figures except party leader look the same ) you threaten your opponent's Party Leader, and his place in the game. The board is designed so that players can place their HQ strategically to the type of game they want to have. If they want to play by drawing cards and slowly building their party, they will place their HQ away from the rest of the players. But if players want to use Agents as their main strategy to win, by placing their HQ next to other players, they can cause as much disturbacne and damage to their opponents as they like. The board map is the tool that allows Agents to wander around the board, and the buildings... well that's just to make it more attractive :)

That is all. I hope I answered your questions and clearified a few of your misunderstandings.

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