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Looking for Play Testers: Far From Home

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Joined: 02/01/2013

I have finally gotten this game printable and playable.

Far From Home is a lite tactical war game putting the players in command of opposing Capital Ships and small fleets. The goal of each player is to destroy the enemy Capital Ship.

The website can be found here:

In the PNP READY section of the site are the PNP files (PDF documents). They are not the most printer friendly documents, so I apologize in advanced for that.

There are no campaigns ready for it yet. The purpose of this play test is to improve the clarity and understanding of the rule book and to see what may be added/subtracted in the game toward improving the overall experience for the player.

I would appreciate the following feed back:

1. average game length

2. general game play questions and concerns

3. what works well
4. what does not work well or what confused you and why?
5. how would you improve the game?

6. what type of strategy did you employ and did it work/not work and do you blame the games rules?
6. a full play test report (if possible).

PM me with any feed back or questions.

Thanks a ton,
Silas Molino

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