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Looking for Play Testers in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley Bay Area

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Joined: 06/16/2011

I have two games at the 'ready for play tests' stages. Both are card games (not CCG) and are intended as light entertainment table games. I'm hosting an open house event at Game Kastle in Santa Clara on Friday from 5:30Pm to about 10:30ish.

I'm also available to set up additional times for those interested but unable to attend.

Game 1: Buccaneer
A push your luck game played with cards and dice. It has a surprising potential for strategy rather than simply relying on luck.

Game 2: Death Row
A last man standing card game where players rely on deception and dirty tricks to stay in the game while sending their opponents into the warm embrace of the electric chair. Capital punishment has never been more fun.

Neither is in the final artwork or flavor. The mechanics and play ability are the focus right now.

Please feel free to contact me by reply or by finding me on facebook at Worlds Within


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