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Looking for Playtesters for "Dragonslayers"

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Joined: 10/07/2009
Dragonslayers Cover

Fellow gamers and game designers!

I recently started to work again on my game "Dragonslayers". I am actively looking for publishers at the moment and would need some people for thorough playtesting. I would send anyone willing to volunteer and seriously test the game to help me balance it a free copy from TGC (Continental US only - sorry folks but the shipping is just so darn expensive :P )

Check it here:

There is a free pnp version of the game as well. You can find it here:

Please contact me directy at if you are interested!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



P.S.: If you can give me any advice on finding a publisher that would be much appreciated as well!!

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Joined: 07/26/2008
Don't you think its poor form

Don't you think its poor form to sell it on Game Crafters if you’re not sure if it’s good enough to submit to a publisher?

Joined: 10/07/2009
Partly true...

I put it on TGC for the simple purpose of getting some nice prototypes for my playtesters and myself.
The game is about 95% finished or so. Just needs some more polishing/balancing. Still a bit rough. Also I am planning on exploring the possibilities of expanding the game to more than 2 players.
And just for the record: I haven't actually sold any copies on TGC and was not intending to do so... ;-)

But thanks for the feedback Dralius. It is appreciated...

Joined: 10/07/2009
Got enough playtesters already!

Thanks, I already gathered a trusty crowd of playtesters.

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