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Looking for playtesters: Espionage: Escape plan, fun fast card game for 2-4 players.

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Joined: 07/23/2016

Looking for blind playtesters for my small card game.

You are Espionage Agents sent into a rival company to disrupt their business, unfortunately other companies have had the same idea and you have all turned up in the same night, causing chaos. It is a mad rush to gather tools, and do your best to disrupt the business by taking important items from the building and get out again using an escape plan. You rummage rooms to find what you are after; you fight the opposing agents, and you set traps up in the rooms to thwart your foes search attempts. Gather a Tool, an Objective and carry out your Escape plan with the highest amount of points you can to beat your opponents and win the game.

Game Info:
Players: 2- 4
Estimated game time: 20-30 minutes
Age range: 12 and up (12 is the age of the youngest play tester so far)
Mechanics: Set Collection, Take that card combat and trap setting, hand management

Component List:
5 Objective Cards
5 Escape Plan Cards
10 Tool Cards
10 Weapon Cards
10 Trap Cards
10 Fluff Cards
1 Door Cards
1 Roof Cards
4 Player Standees (2 male, 2 female)

If interested in helping me out please PM or comment in here and I can send links/files required and if you are in the UK I may be able to send you a physical copy.

Mark Morgan

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