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Looking for Playtesters for Lightweight Card game

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I am looking for playtesters for Heroes of Tersia, which is a lightweight game for 2-5 players that uses cards, dice, and damage counters and involves some RPG aspects.

Files can be found here:
There's PnP, a low-ink PnP, and a tabletop simulator link

Rules can be found here:
An 8 minute video can be found at the bottom of that link that covers how to play (Hmmm... I should add those into the PnP zips)

Thanks in advance!

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Previous Feedback

Had you made any updates to the game based on the feedback you received last year? If so, can you please give a quick summary?

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try again...

*sigh* I wrote a decent-sized comment, and it didn't make it...

Graphically, the card frames are done. Hopefully that makes it easier to see/differentiate the cards. Also, the set bonuses are listed on the cards themselves so that should also make it easier to play.

Rules-wise, the biggest change is the addition of a City. This more clearly defines a safe zone for the heroes. There's also a "marketplace" at the City, so that players can exchange two of their own Treasure cards for one that's in the City. (City starts with 3) This should mitigate some of the luck involved - you can trade in 2 extra helmets for a sword, for instance. Or you can trade for a specific set item maybe. However, as players trade, the marketplace's inventory grows - so other players have access to more options also.

I *think* I made most of the rule changes as requested in the previous thread for clarity. There weren't a lot of actual gameplay changes iirc.

Hope that helps! Thanks!

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