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Looking for playtesters for my post apoc Survival Game

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Joined: 07/26/2012

Hey folks,

I have a big project on the go that I would love feedback on.
Its a boardgame based in the post apocalyptic world of 2013 (coz y'all know the world is ending this year right? :D ).

The player controls a small band of Survivors in the constant search for new supplies, whilst trying to avoid the 'Diseased'....

I started it for a compettion over at BGG, but I am hooked on extending it constantly.

Anyone wishing to take a look at it can find all the details over on my blog -

There are a lot of entries for it as I have been keeping a kind of diary of progress, so I wont post all the links here.

The rules and maps can be downloaded from the links, its all designed as 'Print and Play'


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