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Looking for playtesters for a solitaire game

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Hi to everybody

I'm looking for playtester for a DTP game i'm developing: the game is named Space Infantry (SI) and it's a solitaire game of squad-level combat in the future. In Space Infantry you control a team of 8/10 soldiers on a series of missions that can be played individually or as a campaign. Each mission takes about 20 minutes to be completed: in short, SI is a simple, re-playable system that can be played while travelling, in your launch break, or when you have 2' minutes of free time.

SI has been designed as a low-profile, modular game, meaning that:

- it's easy to prepare (just print some pages and cut, optionally, a few counters)
- requires very low printing resources (black/white printer, low graphics)
- requires a small surface to be played (a single A4/Letter sheet of paper in addition to the rules)
- requires only a small amout of time (15-20 minutes for a single session)
- it's cheap.

Modular means that the overall structure of Space Infantry will make possible to easily add new features to the game (missions, enemies, equipment): future modules will add new options to the existing missions, increasing the lifetime of SI.

If you're interested on the project just drop me an email @

Many thanks in advance.

Gottardo "zak965" Zancani

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