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Looking for playtesters - Utter Nonsense: inappropriate accent game

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I'm a first time game designer but have never been more passionate about something in my entire life. I recently created a game called Utter Nonsense. It is a card game where players combine stereotypical accents with outrageous phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous. Picture a grandma talking about a gangbang or a redneck evaluating the finer points of an isosceles triangle.

It's absurdly simple and toes the line of inappropriate.

I put together a play test set which you can access here.

Here are the directions:

1. Each game set has 40 Accent Cards and 460 Phrase Cards.
2. All players have 7 Phrase Cards.
3. One player serves as the Nonsense Judge and selects the Accent Card for the round.
4. Once the Accent Card is revealed, players select one Phrase Card from their hand, and say it in the accent indicated.
5. It’s up to the Nonsense Judge to decide which player’s phrase and accent combination is the funniest, and that player wins the round.
6. After a player wins 5 rounds, that player wins the game.

You don’t have to be good at accents and the combinations don’t need to make sense; in fact, we encourage players to make the Phrase Cards their own. With each successive round, competition sets in and the most composed, mild mannered players become improv masters.

Would love to get your thoughts/feedback.


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