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Looking For Playtesters - Vampire Themed Dice Game (2 players)

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Joined: 02/25/2014

Hi everyone!

Looking for some feedback on the latest version of my Vampire Dice game.


I also created a quick helper image so the game can be played with normal dice, you can print it or just sketch the 4 boxes yourself on some paper :)

Hope you have fun, let me know what you think.:)

let-off studios
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Had a few go-rounds of this quick-to-learn dice game, and wanted to pass along my thoughts.

STRONG POINTS: The rules are easy to learn, and the pace of the game quickens as turns proceed and players purchase more dice. There's also plenty of room for expansion, which would increase replay value.

WEAK POINT: The game goes on waaaaaay too long. Once players acquire a considerable amount of dice, there seems little chance of a player actually losing all their blood tokens.

I liked the fact that, as rounds progressed, I would assess what my opponent had stacked their dice in so I could adapt my turn's tactics accordingly. For example, in a situation where they had few BAT dice, would I press my attack and store only the STAKE dice? Would I shore up my own blood tokens if they had few GARLIC dice saved up?

Buying additional dice was also a nice gamble as well, up to a point. The player will want to give themselves more advantages as time goes on, and that means more dice to roll will be required. Choosing when to purchase dice, and how many, is an interesting dilemma.

The drawback of the current mechanics, however, is that there's no real endgame. Due to the probability/randomness of the dice outcomes, there's more likely to be a spread of results as opposed to a "master strike" that will cripple an opponent. Since choosing to be on the offensive still means you're waiting for 4's to show up, you're still dependent on the dice. Keep rolling 2s, 5s, and 6s, and that doesn't help you attack your opponent when you could be most effective. The player is completely at the mercy of the dice rolls.

Here are some suggestions that might help the game move along a bit better:
- set a turn limit. I'd suggest 12 turns, since that could fit with the theme well enough... Vampires come out at 6pm and return to the grave at 6am. Each turn is one hour of roaming the city.The vampire that's collected the most blood by sunrise wins that round. The vampire that wins best 2 of 3 rounds is the new Ruler of the Vampires. You can resolve ties by attrition: as the sun comes up, reduce each player's dice pool by 1 die per turn until there's a player with none left, and then recalculate Blood token totals to determine that round's winner. 12 turns seems enough time to buy and use as many dice as a player wants to handle, and tactics will change as well as tension being added with the hard time limit included.
- expand the game. Let players use dice in different ways. For example, if a player has a surplus of dice of different values, they can instead use them to purchase abilities or one-shot items that enhance their effectiveness on future turns. Maybe they can discover treasures, valuable info/assets, or artifacts instead of just attacking people. This all would essentially be an alternative route to victory, and it could easily spread the game thinner than you want, but it certainly would give the player some more actions to consider, particularly as the game/round nears its end.

Hope this feedback was useful. I had a fun time playing it for a bit. :)

Joined: 02/25/2014
Thanks let-off studios! Glad

Thanks let-off studios!

Glad you liked having to react to the opponents rolls, that's part of the game I'm particularly proud of :)

End game being too long is indeed an on-going issue, I've made small changes to address it but clearly not enough yet! haha
Thanks for the suggestions, definitely some good ideas to consider there.

Thanks for the amazing detailed feedback it's really helpful!

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