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Looking for Tabletop Simulator playtesters

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Tabletop Simulator Example

Hey all- I'm wrapping final design on a 2p abstract strategy game. It plays a bit like Chess-Meets-Starcraft or Chess-Meets-League-of-Legends. Honestly it's not very much like Chess (there are different pieces! they move! two players!) but there aren't a lot of good comparison points. Currently I am playtesting it in Tabletop Simulator
(though I am preparing a P&P build).

I'd be happy to trade playtests or feedback or whatever. PM for details?

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Can you post some details?

I find the abstract board fascinating. I guess the idea behind it is "short-cuts" to different parts of the board, am I correct???

Please do post some details about how the game is played, what the goal is, etc... Just to give us a better overview - so that people see a little bit and then decide if they want to PM you to have a closer look!


Note: I also posted a comment on the abstract board image. Reminds me of some kind of "Japanese" or "Chinese" game. Would fit with the board pretty nicely IMHO.

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You're correct about the

You're correct about the shortcuts. The red/dotted lines can only be used by one piece type. They are... sort of? bishop analogs as a result. Or else knights. Neither/both is maybe more accurate.

The game is chesslike in that you have a piece that, if lost, ends the game for you. But you also have another piece that, should you get it to a specific point on the opposite end of your starting position gives you the win.

The Starcraft/LoL aspects come from the fact that the game state is also extremely mutable- clusters of pieces can be reshaped into different piece from your supply, and there's an element of economy (and some guns vs butter decisions) involved since some pieces will leave non-attacking pieces behind when they move (the only purpose of those pieces is to build up into other ranked pieces).

The current theme is a sort of hermetic/masonic crossover (hence the visual theme).

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I love your token & board design

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Thanks! The art is still a

Thanks! The art is still a bit in flux. The board needs clearer side allegiance (which I a working on) and I have been endlessly tinkering with the token graphics because I can't leave well enough alone.

Rules seem to have stabilized though, with several dozen games under the current set.

It's been an interesting process trying to evaluate the rule state because the pieces are, by design, at different power levels. So the current... challenge? I don't want to say struggle. Anyway the current area of focus is wether or not the Chisels (the one piece that can travel on the red paths) are slightly overpowered.

If anyone wants to try a round let me know; I'd love to get input from other designers.

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I'd be happy to try this.

I'd be happy to try this. If the mod is ready to go on TTS, then I will look out for you on Discord.

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