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Make it Yourself Card Game

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You will need:
40 index cards (20 for each player)
A health bar (20 health for each player)
counters to keep track of creatures health.
counters for energy

the board is 3 wide by 2 deep for each player.
the goal of this game is to reduce your opponents health to 0.

Before the game starts:
both players must construct a 20 card deck.(all the cards go in your hand at the beginning of the game)
creatures are constructed as follows:
Health: each point of health add 1/3 the the creatures power level
Attack: adds 2/3 to the creatures power level
Cost: the amount of energy you must pay to summon the creature
Delay: the number of turns the creature is a useless lump
Each creatures Cost+Delay must equal its power level.

Format for making cards:
Name: upper left-hand corner
Cost: upper right-hand corner
Attack: bottom left-hand corner
Delay: bottom middle
Health: bottom right hand corner
Abilities: in a list below the cards name.
I also put a "/" between Attack and Delay, and another "/" between Delay and Health.

Add the abilities cost to the creatures power level
Flying:1 you may choose to attack over an enemy.
Ranged:1/3 you block creatures with flying. creature must be un-delayed
Armor:2/3 all incoming damage is reduced by 1
Pierce:1/3 Ignores armor
Trample:2/3 any left over damage after killing a creature goes on to the next creature or player if you wish
Berserk: 2/3 creature gains 1 attack whenever it loses health. creature must be un-delayed
Regenerate:1 at the start of each turn, creature heals 1 health. it cannot go above its max health. creature must be un-delayed
Steal Health: 1/3 when this creature kills another, it steals 1 health from that enemy. this triggers before it dies
Steal Attack: 1/3 when this creature kills another, it steals 1 attack from that enemy.
Steal Ability:2/3 when this creature kills another, it steals 1 random ability from that enemy.
on your turn: gain 2 energy
lay any cards if you wish
each ally creature attacks if you wish and it has 0 delay; otherwise it loses a delay.

When one of your creatures is attacking it attacks the creature opposite it (the creature closest to the front). if that creature is delayed, you may choose to attack it or ignore it.
the creature,(or player) you attacked loses health equal to your creatures attack. if it was an un-delayed creature you attacked, your creature takes damage equal to the attacked creatures attack.
if a creatures health goes to 0 or lower, it dies and is removed from the game.

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Kinda like plain white cards

Kinda like plain white cards meets CCG I've thought about the same thing in an engine builder

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