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Method used to tweak scores in Shake Out! without having to test again!

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I wrote up a blog post on a method one of my testers proposed for tweaking score values of games you've already played. You can read the whole thing here:

Joined: 11/25/2010
But it does need re-testing!

Reading this I kept thinking, "but what about...?" and then you finally said:

"Now, I couldn't evangelize this kind of number shuffling without one HUGE caveat! Changes in scoring will affect how players play the game so continue testing and recording new games to add to your spreadsheet!"

That's the one thing. If players know what they're doing, they're behavior will change as scoring incentives change. So, for fine-tuning, I agree that your spreadsheet idea is good (I do the same thing by hand on my most recent playtests when considering scoring changes), but it does need re-playtesting then...

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