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Mines of the Sacred Dragons - Download Playable Demo Now

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Mines of the Sacred Dragons

Game: Mines of the Sacred Dragons (2012)
Publisher: STGS
Player: 1-5
Time: 30
Age: 10+

Mechanics: Area Influence, Hand Management, Tile Placement

The Mines of the Sacred Dragons is a tile placement mine building game for one to five players. Each player takes turn to build mine or expand his/her mine to gain victory point. When a player has one or less mine token or when the draw pile is depleted, game continues until the last player takes his/her turn. Mines on tiles are now scored. Player receives one point for each solitary mine and extra point for connecting mines. The player with most point wins the game. In case of a tie, the player with larger connecting mines wins the game. If it ties again, the player sits closest to the last player wins the game.

The Mines of the Sacred Dragons is based on a novel written by Tia Ye. The title of the novel is not yet translated into English. Short summary of the novel - In the shadow of Sun Moon Star, bloodline heirs of the Dragon Throne uncovered the mastery of Mystic Quartz. Hence they illuminated the Basin of Night and valiantly retrieved the Seal of Almighty ...

80 unique hexagon tiles
50 mine tokens in 5 colors (10 for each color)
1 score board
2 player aids
1 rulebook

To play the Single Player Demo, print and cutout the 13 unique tiles. In addition, 7 tokens are needed to build and extend mines, and paper and pencil are also required to keep the score.

Rule (draft)

Hope you enjoy the demo game :)

Ta-Te Wu

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