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name for bird game: trademark question and other feedback

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Joined: 03/26/2014

I have been playtesting a game with friends and family and am getting ready to start showing it to people I know less well. I'd like to solidify a name.

Background: The deck includes 60 birds from across North America. Players collect habitats (forest/wetland/town/grassland) and food (bugs/seeds/fish/rodents/fruit) to attract birds, based on the birds' specific needs. I have two levels of rules, one that's a medium-weight game with production and stealing mechanics, and another that's more of a draw-one, play-one game aimed at kids.

Would love some feedback on these options, or other ideas I haven't considered yet!

* Aviana (A singer has trademarked this as her stage name. How broad is trademark protection? Google reveals Aviana is also a character in World of Warcraft, and a piece of IBM software.)

* Birds of America (This is the name of a famous book by Audubon from >100 years ago, and I had it in the back of my head when I started. The fonts on the cards have the same feel as some of the fonts in the book. But it's a little dry, and definitely not good on Google.)

* Avian Attraction (no Google issues result is a jstor paper)

* Bird World (apparently the name of a large park in England.)

Is there a winner here? Do you have other ideas? Thanks for your help!

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Bird World of those but

Bird World of those but something a little more catchy would be ideal. Maybe something with "feathers" in the title?

Koen Hendrix
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Fowl Play? I'll see myself

Fowl Play?

I'll see myself out.

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The name you said that was dry might be okay, because it would be easy to expand upon. If this game were to catch on you could expand it to Fish of America, Bears of America, etc.. This way people would recognize the brand and keep buying. I know you said Birds of America was not okay, but I would consider something similar. Also this game sounds like it could be a hit as an educational game as well if it teaches kids about birds.

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My title...

"Birds of a Feather"... Because they "flock together!" :D

NewbieDesigner wanted something with "feathers" in the title... Maybe you like this one!

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Roundest Robin
Duck, Duck, Albatross
Bird Brains
Aves (Ah-Vehs - Latin)

(I like Duck, Duck, Albatross most personally...)

Joined: 03/26/2014
thanks everybody! mjbreese, I

thanks everybody! mjbreese, I love your idea for different animal types. I had been eyeing the copy of "Birds of Costa Rica" on my shelf...

will have to mull these over but I really appreciate the creative ideas!

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Aviana or Avian Attraction

Aviana or Avian Attraction both are reasonable titles! I like them both!

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