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Need Playtesters and Feedback for my Abstract Game...

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What you'll need:

===> 1 Board just like in the picture
See Illustration:
===> 4 Markers (4 colors, total of 16 markers)
-Each marker should look like a coin, with both sides colored
(each piece should have one side with a black dot in the middle)
===> 1 Die (6-sided, with numbers 1-6)
===> 1 Die (6-sided, black)
-it should have 6 markings...Doesn't matter where they are located on the die as long as there's 2 each it should be fine)
2 sides should have an X sign (Multiplication sign)
2 sides should have an + sign (Addition sign)
2 sides should have an O sign (Dot)

See Illustration:
See Illustration:
See Illustrations:

Objective of the Game: Eliminate your opponents markers to win.

1) Players choose their starting locations. (Highest roll of he dice goes first. Players take turns on moving their pieces.
2)Each Player must throw the Dice at the same time.
The Ordinary 6-sided die represent movement.
The Special 6-sided die with the markings represent attack range.

Movement Rules:
-Pieces can only move a number of spaces according to the number of the die roll.
-Pieces can only move horizontally and vertically.
-Only one move per turn. (Each turn you must roll the dice)
-Pieces cannot move to the same space from where they came from.
-Pieces cannot pass through other pieces and blockades
See Illustrations:

Attack Rules:
-Pieces can only attack other pieces according to the markings of the special die roll.(Attack Range)
-Pieces can only attack exposed pieces and cannot attack pieces that are in cover
-Pieces of your own cannot be harmed by your attack)

3 types of Attack Ranges: See Illustrations
"Plus"=====Horizontal and vertical (+) Plus sign.
"Times"=====Diagonal (x) Multiplication sign.
"Bomb"=====Horizontal,Vertical and diagonal (O) Dot sign.

Marker states:
===Healthy: marker that can still be moved.
===Stunned: marker that is flipped upside down,cannot be moved but can still be revived.(marker that has a black dot on center)
===Revived(Healthy): when your attack range hits your own marker it get revived (or healthy again) From a piece with a black dot and flipped again to be healthy.
===Dead: A markerker hit the second time gets removed.

How Attacking works:
You throw the Dice: the results are 6 "Plus" You must move 6 spaces and find a good place to put it so that it could hit an opponents marker.
When it hits an opponents marker. the marker should be flipped to show the black dot, meaning it is stunned. If it gets hit again for the second time it gets removed from the board.

Special Rules:
-When you move a marker to the same place where it has already passed it will be stunned and cannot move automatically.
-You can move your markers over your own stunned markers in order to revive it.

End Rules:
When the enemy cannot move any more markers he is removed from the game.

Markers could be trapped so be sure to give them adequate spacing.
Do not spread your markers too far from each other.
Do not make your markers too close to each other.

funlerz gamez
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This looks like very interesting, I will see if I can try it soon.

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You should definitely try it... It's so simple to make.

Actually I made this game 6 years ago.. I thought I would share it to this place.
I need to hear what people have to say about it. If you need a quick game just to kill that spare time then this is the best game for you.

This game was made out of necessity by the way.. One time when I was playing a chess game with my sister, it was a long boring afternoon we were young then I said to her after our last match, "let's make a new game" So what we got was this. We had small toys lying around the house, like small soldiers, tanks, etc. (you know... toys for small kids. I have a younger brother) so we collected them all.

There was an old snakes and ladders game with missing pieces luckily there was a die there that has stickers on it's faces so i removed them and put some customs symbols myself with some permanent marker. I grabbed some small toy tanks there was about 8 pieces of it in two different colors. We fought with tanks, when one piece gets hit it's turret is removed (stunned) but when it get revived we call it repaired.

But when my brother got home early from school, he asked what we were playing so we modified the map so that he can join. soon after that the next thing I know is that every time I play chess with my friends what we end up doing is playing is this after we got bored. We just improvise the board and cover the black areas with the unused chess pieces.

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This is a fantastic story - great to see you finalized your game enough to post it here.
One thing I would comment on that due to the randomness introduced by the dice, the game is less strategic and more wargamerish I would say.
I would give it a try later. May I recommend you upload these files to BGG?

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