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New game at playtesting stage - need feedback/opinion on the rules

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Hi, first time post for me. :)

I have a board game at the stage that its been play tested by friends, play tested by one group I don't know, but I'm looking for some feedback on the rules as if they are simple to read and understand and if the concept of the game sounds enjoyable.

The concept of the game is that the players are all Orc Warchiefs, vying to take control of the Orc horde as the current Lord of the Horde has died. They do this by invading the human lands and pillaging and looting the human towns, village and cities to show their strength and attract more warriors to their warbands. The warchief with the most renown after a set number of turns/days is crowned the new Lord of the Horde.

It is a strategy game, which is diceless but has randomness via cards. Its mostly about planning on how to use your warriors, as all attacks use up warriors, no matter if they succeed or fail. There are various complications, but you can attacl settlements, human units or other player's warbands and then spend the loot you get in various ways.

What I would like, if people have the time, is some extra eyes on the rules to see if setup, mechanics and everything makes sense. I can also send over some spreadsheets with all the cards in them.

Any takers, please email me at

Thanks for your time!

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What did your playtesters say?

Hi Hugh! Welcome to BGDF!

When you playtested, did the players set up the game themselves, or did you explain it for them? If they set up the game themselves, did they give you any feedback regarding the rules?

If so, have you implemented their ideas into the rules yet?

I'd be happy to take a look at your game. I'll be sending an email to you shortly.


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The game has been around

The game has been around about a half dozen iterations. The recent ones have mostly involved naming tweaks and some adjustments.

I have had one playtest so far without me being there and am in the processing of making up more copies of the game for other people to blind playtest.

Was also planning on going to the Birmingham Games Expo in June in the UK to see if it goes anywhere.

Just doing this for fun mostly, to see if an idea will go anywhere :)

red hare
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count me in

I'd be happy to help with the rules. I'll also send you a pm

red hare

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