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A new take on an abstract strategy game

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Flowedo BVBA
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I am currently working on an abstract strategy game and I am searching people who want to test the game for me. Below you can find the description and a link to a print & play version. I also added a survey link with a Word document. If you would be so kind to fill it in and send it to
You can just take print screen and attach it to a reply on this topic if you don't want to send an e-mail.

Game rules:

Please give your honest opinion ☺


Numbers & Friends is a two-player board game, a board with 40 rounded squares arranged in a five-by-eight grid. Each player begins the game with ten pieces: pawns with values one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. The pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent's pieces. The objective of the game is to reach 50 points or more. The first player that reaches 50 points or more is the winner. In addition to winning the game with 50 points, the game can be won by the voluntary resignation of one's opponent. A game may result in a draw when neither of the players reaches 50 points. The course of the game is divided in three phases. The beginning of the game is called the opening (with the development of pieces). The opening yields to the phase called the middle game. The last phase is the endgame. This phase mostly ends in beating the pawn with value one.

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