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Open Playtest, Dragon's Lair, PnP Edition

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Matthew Rodgers
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A few months ago, the inimitable Cogentesque (Sam) stepped in for Seth in the monthly Game Design Showdown. The challenge that month was to make a casual style game involving dragons and just a few dice. Some of you may remember Ewain's entry The Dragon's Lair and some fewer of you may remember that I had several critiques of the game.

Well. as I told Ewain, my criticism wasn't because I disliked the game, but the reverse. I thought it had a lot of potential and had a few ideas for it that I wanted to try out. We colloborated on the game for a little while and we're at a point where we'd like outside feedback.

Check out and please let us know what you think. I've posted a few areas of concern on the site and you may find other things we need to think about/work on.



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