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Pacific Northwest Game Designers! Have your game tested at upcoming events...

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Joined: 06/06/2016

Makers and Breakers! My name is Damien and I'm a Portland-based artist and game designer. Recently I produced UNPUB Mini Portland, featuring 10 local designers and their original tabletop games. The event was a smashing success; designers and testers alike reported having a lot of fun. Everyone demanded MORE, so here it comes... I am organizing two upcoming gaming events to be held in the Portland area, Protospiel and UNPUB Mini, and am now accepting submissions of original tabletop games (all genres and styles) designed by local creators. At this time I've set the dates as follows...

Protospiel PDX - Jan 14, Sat... UNPUB Mini Portland 2 - Feb 18, Sat. If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating then email me at and let me know which event you want to take part in. Descriptions below:

Protospiel Jan 14 (Sat) Designers with original games in all stages of development may submit their project to have it played at this event. Playtesters are welcome, however, the focus of this gathering will be designer to designer feedback and interaction.

UNPUB Mini Feb 18 (Sat) Designers with original prototypes that are ready for "blind playtesting" may submit their titles to this event. Playtesters are the focus of this gathering. Games should be at a stage where testers can play with little to no guidance from the designers, and creators are responsible for gathering feedback from sessions.

Feel free to email or comment if you have any questions. Deadline for submissions is Dec 15 See you all around the table!

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