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play testers needed

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A quick game of calculated risk, cooperation and backstabbing for three players.

Throughout history rulers have mistreated their subjects badly enough for the people to rise up against them. Though joined momentarily in their common effort to overthrow the tyrant, the rebellious forces are comprised of factions having different visions of what their new country should be. Only one of those ideals will win out, and only then if they can remain united long enough to make their rebellion a success and avoid execution.
Regime Change is a cooperative game, up to a point. There are four objectives which you three rebels must take before the Dictator sends reinforcements; Communications, Munitions, Airport, Presidential Palace. You have farther to go than the Dictator who advances automatically at the end of each round. The only way to take an Objective is to share the road you three forge. But only one of you can win each round. When is the timing right for striking out on your own?
Regime Change is a classic "game theory" type game where the group would do better if the individuals cooperate but any one individual could do better by working against the common good. What makes this more of a "fun" game rather than just a study in human nature is the press-your-luck gaming mechanic thrown into the rules.

This is a tile based game which could be down loaded, printed and cut out for testing purposes. And the board is the size of a sheet of paper. If you're interested in play testing please email me at
Thanks, Joe

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