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Play testers needed for Get that job

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I am looking for some play testers regarding my print and play game, Get that job.

It's a fun office based game where six employees must win over the department heads to get the ultimate promotion, Office manager. They also need to play rough and try and sabotage their rivals attempts.

You can find more information, screen shots and files at the site

Dynamic Strategy Games Co.

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ok, i'm going to be the bad

ok, i'm going to be the bad guy here.
i looked at the board, and immediately formulated some expectations for the game. then i read the rules and cards and confirmed.

people often criticize "roll-and-move" games for the "roll-and-move" aspect- when the real problem is more a side-effect of the most common implementation of that... often that style of game does not offer any real choices (or what few choices are offered, are immediately and brutally trumped by the random effects in the game).

That appears to be the case here- you roll the dice, and are helped/hindered with no control over the circumstance. The cards similarly offer no choices- you will always play the positive cards to benefit yourself, no thought involved, and it seems unlikely that you will hold back the negatives when you get an opportunity to play them, as there is no real motivation to do so (in fact, the fact that the bosses leave encourages you to get those negative cards played ASAP).

in short, the game could play itself. (thus, i'm not sure what playtesting would accomplish).

Joined: 06/23/2009
I hear what you are saying

Thanks for the critique

I get what you are saying and I agree. I added the "Move anywhere" options to add strategy.
What you comments tell me is I need to add more control for the player.

The "print and copy room" serves no purpose so I will change that to an event card.

Also, I will add the following events

10 * move to the department managers office of your choice
10 * move to the co-workers cubical of your choice.

This hopefully, in combination the current influence of you and other players should open the game up more.

Bob is one influence away from getting a letter of recommendation from the IT manager.
You land on an event and move to any co-workers desk.
You choose to go to Bobs desk and plant a virus on his machine.
Bob loses 1 influence with the IT manager, things are safe again...for now?

What you think?

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