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Play Testers Wanted as the game is being reviewed for publishing purposes

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To all,

We have developed a series of adventure role play games called Martial World which has two core playing formats. Our 3D board games are called the “Adventures” series and our card games are called the “Trainers Edition”. Our novel card games are why we have reached out to you. These card games are designed to challenge players to win martial arts based sparring matches using innovative technique termed, belt leveled, playing cards. Players will immediately notice the cool micro text messages which display a school’s positive messages, their secretes, their written languages, and clues to board games adventures. Each card box is designed for 2 to 5 player, includes 200 playing card, a set of dice, a toy magnifying glass and illustration based instructions which show play by play examples. Our games are designed for anyone ages 7 and up and no experience is necessary to play and win.

I would like to send seasoned play testers, and those who wants to provide detailed feedback, a beginning level game box. If you would like to participate, please send me a short summary of your play testing experience and the play testing information we should expect to receive.

I welcome all feedback and questions. You may reach me at - Please use the subject Play Tester Interest

Thank You

Rick V.
Venson Products and Services LLC.

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