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Play Testers Wanted for a revised card game

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Martial World Training Games Sales Sheet

To Any Experienced Play testers,

As most developers have experienced, we have recently upgraded one of our previous releases and would like to get "blind" feedback regarding our game's artwork, instructions, mechanics, and your overall enjoyment. For those who know us, it may have seemed like we were dormant but we have been working with groups to help us make our games better. "Better is always a good thing"

I just purchased a few new prototypes from our manufacturer and would like to send one of our card games to an interested experienced reviewer.

At this time, I only have one free game which I may send out but if more are interested, I can sell you one of our / upgraded games for half price $10 if you are interested. We may use PayPal and a payment option. (That's kind of placing the card ahead of the horse without having provided any pitch information) That said...

Our game is called: Martial World.

There are two basic playing formats, the training card games (which are stand alone games) and the storyline based adventure board games (which are also stand alone games).

To be more specific, Martial World is:

An American style, strategy game which challenges players to win martial arts based sparring matches, using technique based "micro messaged" collectible cards. Each game box is designed for 2 to 5 players, intended for anyone ages 7 and up, comes with a single magnifying glass, and no martial arts experience is

What are the fun factors:

* You will enjoy the creative new artwork. (compared to our original games)
* You get introduced to our new micro messages mechanic. The "micro messages" will reveal secrets regarding this schools core attributes, their written language, and their special skills.
* You get to learn actual martial arts technique terms. Ultimately we are releasing 5 real life self defense fighting styles.
* You get to build the necessary techniques reservoir which will be needed out the Adventure themed board games.

Each Card Game Box Includes:

1 set of 100 cards of fighting / self defense technique cards
1 set of 100 Endurance cards
2 Dice
1 set of instructions which include game play illustrations
1 magnifying glass
1 Fighting style wax seal

If all goes well here, we will move these games over to Kickstarter and will release our boardgames here for play testing purposes.


Martial World Trainers Edition is a combat strategy card game which combines point trick mechanics with card capturing mechanics. These 2-5 player games cleverly combine multiple forms of martial arts technique terms, into round robin melees of attacks, blocks, and counter maneuvers. Players spar in rounds
which are initiated by the role of the dice and the round winners keeps the technique cards to add to their form. What is especially interesting is that none of our games require any martial arts experience. Ultimately our novel mechanics, embedded surprises, and our storyline features, provide players the opportunity to experience the many benefits of martial arts. I highly recommend playing Pandora through computer speakers when playing any of our games. My ideal Pandora station is "Tan Dun" radio.

You can email me if you have any questions at rickv @

Thank You

Rick V.

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