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Play testing available

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RacNRoll Gaming
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Joined: 05/12/2010

Like many of you I know the struggles faced trying to get blind play testers to follow through and provide the feedback we need to move games along the process.

As I stated in another topic regarding play testing, I am available for play testing any and all board/card games you folks have.

With that being said I only have one small request if you want me to help and that is that you send me an actual play test package via mail as I do not have the time to print and assemble all of these games. I don't need prototype quality stuff and have plenty of counters, dice, play money etc to use for the game.

If you are interested just let me know and I will get you the mailing info.


Joined: 02/22/2010

same here.

Ideally, in our case, the games should be playable with 2p.

some of our previous endeavors are exhibited here:

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