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Playtest for Goblin Warlord

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I have reached a point with this one, where I've pretty much tapped out all my local playtesters on this one.

I am looking for some blind feedback on it.

It's a dice based game about competing tribes of Goblins trying to build a series of forts before the other players.

There is custom dice, getting them, for now, through the Gamecrafter. Dice for each of the Tribe orders, conflict, recruitment, and magic dice.

The print and play uses regular six sided dice, so I had to come up with a play mat that breaks down the results of a six sided dice into the specific results of each custom die. The mat won't be included in the final release of the game.

I didn't include print and play tokens to represent the goblins themselves, I figure a half dollar worth of pennies is easier to get than cutting out 40+ goblin tokens.

You'll need three normal six sided dice. at most.

I've attached the Print and Play document as two PDFs. one has the rules, the other has the mats and tokens.

The tokens are double sided, each one should have a Hideout on one side, and a Fort on the reverse.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, my email is

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