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Playtest group in Washington DC area / Playtest in DC on January 23.

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I am a new designer on capitol hill in Washington, DC, who has a game that my close friends and I have thoroughly tested. I don't have a professionally-printed prototype but I have a very respectable home-printed copy of the game and components. I'm looking to host a playtest session for my game at 2pm on January 23rd. For new players, its about a 20-30 minute setup/reading of rules, and then 60-90 minutes to play depending on number of players. I won't provide compensation but will provide food and credit in the rules if the game if published. Its a 2-4 player game so I'm looking for up to 8 people for this session. Please respond to this post or email me directly at if you are interested in coming.

On a separate note, are there any other home designers in the area who would be interested in exchanging games for playtest purposes? I haven't been able to find any established playtesting groups in the DC area. If you know of one or are part of one I'd be interested in joining/meeting.

I was also thinking of starting a DC area home design playtest group--perhaps meeting once a month to start. Anyone out there that would be interested in participating in something like that?

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