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Playtesters, lend me your ears!

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Greetings, fellow forum-goers! I am currently in need of playtesters for a miniatures wargame I have been working on that I have currently named 'Vehxia' (working title). As of right now, I have the bare fundamentals down, meaning the game is complete enough that it can actually be played and needs a bit of testing before it can be worked on further.
I've tried a couple of playtesting sessions with friends and, while they do enjoy the game and we found many flaws from these sessions alone, the former may be due to friend-bias and for the latter, well, they won't be available nearly enough to find all the major balance issues with it currently. That is where, hopefully , you guys could step in and do a bit of testing!

Linked below is a google doc containing both the rules I have written thus far and links to the different races I have currently. Pretty much all of them need balance testing except the Amebians, which require 'game feel' testing.

Sadly, the game does require materials that I cannot provide through the internetz, so if you do wish to try it out you will need:
- measuring tape
- six-sided dice (6 should be plenty)
- 25mm, 40mm and 60mm diameter bases (either models with those base sizes or cutouts of circles of those sizes. Anyone with a lot of Warhammer 40K models shouldn't have a problem finding this stuff)

If you do try it out, be sure to post all questions, things that need clarifying and especially all imbalances you find (you'll probably find a lot due to stuff looking good on paper but bad in practice) and, most of all, I hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks to all those who run playtests, and to those who don't: understand completely (whether it's due to lacking materials, simply not having enough interest or any other reason) :P

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I think this forum need a way

I think this forum need a way to playtest via internet... sometimes is really hard to take the time and the people to play or test something...

VASSAL seems fine but not enough to me... Maybe a online system like this may work:

or something like this:

Joined: 05/14/2014
these... actually look really

these... actually look really cool. thanks for bringing them up man!

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