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Playtesters needed - 2 p card game

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Game in play


I'm currently entering the blind testing phase for my game, Civitas. It is a card game for 2 players and it is about building a settlement at the outskirts of a new roman province, close to enemy lands. The players are competing against each other while under constant attack from barbarian war bands. Their objective is to complete the Forum and they will score victory points based on the buildings they chose over the course of the game.

Age limit is 12+ and play time is around 45 minutes but much like any other game it can drop to 30-40 minutes after the players get accustomed to the system and the cards.

The game uses 58 cards and one six sided die. In total you're looking at 7 A4 sheets to print+cut and a 6 page manual (around 13000 characters).

I'm looking for feedback on the following aspects:
- clarity of the manual and simplicity of the concepts
- general impressions on the mechanics and fluency of play
- degree of fun and interest generated
- impressions about cards and their dynamics
- functionality issues
- anything else one might notice or improve

If you're interested please drop me a message with an email address and I'll send you all the files.

Thank you for your time.

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Did you see this?

Did you see this?

It was posted about a week ago so it's most likely still valid.

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