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Playtesting card based RPG-style Melee Combat system?

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we've been developing a melee combat system mainly for RPG kind of games, but it works as a separate combat system as well.
I'm wondering if there are any playtesters out there that would like to give it a go. If you are interested, please send me a message and I can send you the rules and cards in pdf format.

===To sum up the game===
¤ it is card based. Each player has a deck of cards and draws a few of them each round. On the cards are different actions such as attack and move. No dice are rolled in the current system and wounds are made depending on what card the attacker and defender played.
¤ it uses miniatures and a square combat grid.
¤ the rules are simple and meant to be cinematic rather than realistic.

===In order to playtest you would need===
¤ read the rules (6 pages)
¤ print the cards (in total 7 pages). Regular paper will probably be fine for a few playtests.
¤ some minatures (right now we have card decks for a Troll, a Knight, a Dark Elf Assassin and Goblin minions)
¤ wound markers (we use red glass beads, but anything will do) - 10 of them will be enough.
¤ square battlegrid

I think it would be extra good if you had some experience from other RPG combat systems/melee board games, but this is not a must. I attach an example of one Combat Card for the knight player to give you a flavor of what it looks like.

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