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Playtesting Game Group

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Joined: 08/11/2016

We game often. Attend Gencon and Origins to test and purchase the newer games. We are starting a channel to test and showcase tabletop games of many facets. We are a lively and comedic group. Our group consists of 4 couples. We all have children ages .5-17 years. We want to showcase games for children also. We will be playtesting and fill out all forms included with your games. Not all games will make it on our channel videos. We will showcase all premium quality games.

I can discuss any details individually
Thank you for letting us test for you.

Joined: 08/11/2016
We have had great response so

We have had great response so far.
Testing one out we printed today. And we have 3 others in the mail.
To answer some questions.....
We will return any and all materials requested. We will not publish any materials.
We will not post video of game play before you publish your game. We will not be a spoiler.
Please allow us time to play. 2 weeks should be fine until we have a backlog or something.
We do not want payment. We like the blind test. Please don't forget us when you hit it big!

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