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Playtesting Groups near Phoenix

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Joined: 12/01/2010

There's an awesome playtesting group I get e-mails from called SoCalPlayTesting who do playtesting of games as one might expect based on their name. I'm unfortunately unable to make these meetings since I live in Phoenix - but I can huge huge potential in being an acting member of such a group - and was wondering if any of your great people have something similar going on - or live in Arizona and would like to start up such a group.

Basically, they meet monthly, and when you show up and play you earn points, and use those points to test your own games. You also get extra points for having other people come with you to help playtest.

Because of all the inspiration from this site and just from working with more game designs - I've been far more prolific and wanting some faster iteration on some of my designs - as well as higher quality feedback from other people who take game design seriously. So I'd really like to make something like this happen.

I live in Queen Creek - which is SouthEast of Phoenix - and generally have no Qualms at traveling about an hour - and would like to start something that meets roughly monthly - or if you have a group that's similar I'd love info on how I can apply to be a member.

Joined: 06/16/2011

I will be moving to Maricopa in the late summer. I would love to get a group together. I am a member of the SoCal Playtesters and they are the model for these groups. Excellent people.

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