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Playtesting new game

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Joined: 06/01/2009

I've recently finished designing a new game, but it's only my second so it's going to badly need play testing. I would much rather do this over the internet as I don't want to put too much effort into creating a physical copy of a game that I will probably change drastically after the first play.

The game is named dynasty and in it each of the players takes the role of the royal family of a medieval kingdom in a fictional land. As a player you must juggle the responsibility of running your armies to expand your empire and crush your enemies, and running your family to make sure your bloodline stays alive. The two are tied together as your male heirs command your armies, while your female heirs can secure unbreakable contracts when married off to other families.

Anyone interested?

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Joined: 10/29/2008
Sure, maybe.

I may be interested in playtesting your game, but I know nearly nothing about it. Do you have a game file and what do you mean by playtesting over the internet? If you mean that I need to print off and cut out millions of pieces to create your game, well then, it needs to be a good one. So send some more info and I will get back to you.

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I don't have time to

I don't have time to playtest, but I will say that the premise sounds very interesting to me.

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I'd be interested in helping

I'd be interested in helping you out. The premise seems very interesting.

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Playtesting over the internet

There is possible to playtest the boardgames over the internet.
Check it out:

I don't know very much about the program but I have plans to try it out also very soon.

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A suggestion...

In playtesting 18EZ I found Google Groups to be a really helpful tool.
I set up a group, and plugged here and on BGG whenever I got a chance. You can upload all of your files there, so that your playtesters can PnP their own copy of the game. There is a discussion section, where members of your group can give their opinions and observations. When the whole thing is over, you can disband the group, or just take the files down, and keep everyone on the hook to help with your next game.
Be prepared, the cast majority of members will be deadbeats who take your IP, and offer no feedback, but you will most likely get a few people who are responsive enough to make up for the leaches.

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You really should check out

You really should check out . If you got a zunztu board put together I would be more than happy to playtest it :)

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I'll help out if you need it. I'm not sure if you know this already, but there is already a game like this:

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