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[playtesting] TimeWarp Warriors: the meeple-rolling fighting game

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Joined: 12/08/2018
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I am looking for play testers to try out my meeple-rolling fighting game, TimeWarp Warriors.

A quick description of TWW:

"Play as a Warrior thrown into the TimeStream in a 1v1 fighting style game. Perform sequences of actions by rolling meeples or playing cards to try and obliterate your opponent's Time Crystals.

Be the last Warrior remaining with at least 1 Time Crystal to escape the grips of the time and make it out alive!"
(2 players, 20-40 minutes)

I am looking for anyone interested in giving the game a go. I have a PnP that I can send through, or if you're just interested in giving the rules a read that would be incredibly helpful as well!

For those interested please comment below or send me an email at:

Thank you so much,

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