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Please critique my rules: Proxy War

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I posted this over at BGG but thought I would put it over here. I have a rule set that I would like people to review and critique to help me understand from reading the rules where my design needs to go. I have a couple of playtests under my belt (with my wife) and I have some ideas that need to be implemented. Any help would be appreciated. A couple of things I don't quite know how to implement:
1) do cards on the sideboard need the ability to be swapped? In the last game I played, one of the agendas was at a strong disadvantage.
2) does agenda spending need to be able to be decreased by a Superpower? Currently, it can only be increased unless a card instructs otherwise.
3) Should scoring chits be used after the Agenda Advancement phase to show how each region feels?

Thanks in advance!

The rules can be downloaded here:

Here is a description of the game:
Working Title: Proxy War

Description: The US and USSR are locked in a struggle trying to outmaneuver each other for global superiority. Rather than being able to directly influence the regions of the world, the Superpowers must use their cunning to change the political tilt and leanings of the world’s regions to get them to view their Superpower in a positive light. They must fight a proxy war: influencing the world to turn against the other without direct involvement. Convince the South American region to take a Pacifist stance in order to further your standing in the region. Or maybe talk the African region into taking an Isolationist stance to minimize your opponent’s sway. However, changes in one region’s stance will also affect one of their neighbor’s political leanings in response. Alternatively, you can stage a coup to reduce the political value of a region. If your opponent is clearly dominating the Middle East politics, make that region less attractive. In addition, each Superpower will advance their global agenda to try and play favorites to a particular region. However, agenda spending may make one region lean in your favor while another key region will flee in anger. All is not simple as it seems as random global events will alter long term strategy in the short term.

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