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PnP, real-time, party game with augmented reality variant available

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Game-On is the tabletop game for the 21st century, bringing together elements of classic and modern games to create a unique, fun and engaging experience for players of all ages. Like many abstract games, ours makes use of colored shapes and symbols as tools for players to interact with the game itself. Game-On is a customizable game and can be played competitively or cooperatively; turn-based or real-time, with players acting simultaneously while attempting to complete objectives; as a traditional card game or as an augmented reality (AR) gaming experience.

Use the mini, Player Cards to complete objectives and take control of the larger, Game Cards in order to win the game. A highly interactive game, you choose how you want to compete with other players(di roll, hand roll, etc…), and you are provided with several tactical possibilities, like the ability to steal another player’s controlled cards and scuttling cards before anyone can claim them. These options create fun and challenging encounters for all because they engage players with each other, for that moment taking on the roles of the cards themselves. The inclusion of AR content and variants expands on the experience by presenting alternate rules, themes, and more special abilities for players to enjoy.

Game-On itself is designed to be universally accessible, eliminating text on the cards; expansion ready, new shapes and symbols in development; and consumer friendly, traditional and AR variants in development for the base deck (currently free; est. price when released for retail is $10 - $15). Customization options allow the game to adapt to those playing, whether they be first-time gamers or experienced hobbyists, and the integration of AR with its’ abstract design means the game will evolve over time and become a part of gaming culture around the world.

Two variants are currently available for you to enjoy...

Game-On: Competitive is for 2 - 6 players; Match the colored shapes on your Player Cards to all those present on a Game Card to control it and earn points to win the game. Players act simultaneously while attempting to complete the objective. The game ends when all players have no more cards to draw and can perform no further actions. Player controlling the most points at the end of the game wins!

Game-On AR presents GLOBAL DOMINATION; Compete against other players as one of 6 (5 available, 6th TBD by contest) villainous factions attempting to control the Earth in this turn-based variant. Scan the back of any Game Card for complete rules. Scan both Game and Player Cards for faction details, and special abilities for each card. The first player to complete their factions Victory Goal wins!
You are invited to take part and enjoy the game that has been a passion project of mine for some time. I look forward to continuing to evolve it for many years to come. Please feel free to comment or email me direct:

If you are interested in downloading a FREE copy of Game-On, please visit UNPUB's site to download today (I apologize for not attaching them to this post, the file sizes are too large for BGDF):

Thank you for your interest.
Damien Lopez creator of Game-On

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