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PnP - Scribe's Arena, a fantasy-based word solving game

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Joined: 07/05/2013

I'm currently designing a game called Scribe's Arena, and am looking for playtesters to polish it.

Scribe's Arena is a [b]2 player tabletop game[/b] based in a fantasy world. It's a strategic word solving game where players try to solve their opponent's words with god powers, ally abilities, and spell cards!

Here are the resources:

Rulebook (beta)

Print and Play

Print and Play Instructions

Although there are 9 pages (a lot) of printing and cutting to be done, one of the main attractions of the game is the variety of strategies players can use, while also spotlighting the great artwork.

Backgrounds are removed to save your ink.

Please comment on playtest sessions, rulebook clarifications (I am a novice at making rulebooks), and any questions you might have!

Joined: 05/27/2012
great graphics

Artwork is the strongest merit, if it is original and if yours. I hope it is. There's so much everything in the Scribe's Arena, that I was dazzled.

But in deep core of the game there's a word guessing. I am a big fan of many word games, including hangman. If I am not wrong, when player guesses a letter and the guess is false, player gets very little information. If player is repeatedly unlucky, the progress of his play is minimal.

Sorry my laziness, by reading only once the rulebook I did not notice any penalty if a guess is false. Talking about hangman game, two players, it is a pleasure to draw the first vertical, then the horizontal line.. And those gloomy steps are irreversible.

I say, rethink once more the core of your game.

With best regards

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