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Pocket Ice Hockey - anyone down for a playtest for feedback?

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Hi all - I'd like some feedback on this Ice Hockey dice game.....if there are terms that seem odd, please let me know...I'm an Aussie so I probably don't have all the right lingo ;)

The game is based on our other two games, Pocket Cricket & Pocket Footy - fast, simple, dice rolling simulation game. Luck plays a big part. There is a PYL element with rerolls. THIS IS A LIGHT SPORTS DICE GAME!!

If you're looking for strategy or depth....turn away now:) If you like Ice Hockey, a few beers and fun dice rolling'll be right up your alley!

Pocket Ice Hockey -
Defensive (D)
1) Penalty!
2) Dangle/Skillz
3) Pass to W
4) Pass to M
5) Long pass to CF
6) Dumped T

Midfield (M)
Coughed up T
Pass to W
Slapshot S
Pass to CF

Wing (W)
Checked T
Pass to CF
Back to M
Pass to D
Wrist shot S

Centre (C)
Deke and shoot S
Given away T
One timer S
Dive T
Back pass W

Shoot (S)
Wide T
Hit the post! T
Save rebound S

Face Off F/O
Lost T
Turnover T
Turnover T
Cleared out

Elbow F/O
Cross check T
Charging F/O

Punch - hit!
Hook - Hit!
Slip & Miss
Uppercut - Hit!

Quick play rules – ALL YOU NEED IS A STANDARD DIE – OR USE and choose 1 – 6 on the random number generator and following the charts above.

Pocket Ice Hockey - is for 2 players
Start of play - one player rolls the FACE OFF F/O to see who gains possession. It doesn't matter who starts – the important thing to look for is if a “T” is showing on the roll. “T” means TURNOVER – a bad result for the roller.

Whichever player that wins the puck will first roll the (M) Midfield dice.

All passing is automatically received; Pass to W is a pass to the Wing. The player then rolls the Wing die.
Again, rolling ….”T” turns over possession of the puck in that position.

Turnover on the WING, stays on the WING. Turnover in your DEFENSE line, goes to the Centre Forward of the opponent. Logical positioning!

Obviously you have to roll the puck forward to your Centre Forward, who will then hopefully get a shot on goal. It’s not easy to get a goal, but that will hopefully reflect a real game of Ice Hockey.

There’s a lot of back and forth, possession will change quickly, so it’s kind of like a highlight reel of the game.

***FIGHTING – is done roll by roll. The person in control of the dice at the time the FIGHT started, will roll first, then alternate rolling. In the case of JERSEY’D being rolled, the player who rolled it has been JERSEY’D (not a good result for the roller) and his opponent has 3 consecutive rolls. If he too rolls JERSEY’D, he hands back the die and the first player has 3 rolls

The player that lands 3 successful ‘hits’ before his opponent wins the fight. The loser of the fight also cannot collect SKILLZ points for the remainder of the period. If a second fight happens and the player that lost the first fight wins, he can choose to again collect SKILLZ points, or have the other player lose that option too!

SKILLZ – when you roll this, it gives you a re-roll option that can be used during that passage of play, while you are in possession. So if you roll a SKILLZ, you have 1 re-roll. Then you roll and ‘T’ turnover, you can reroll that die again to try for a better result. You want to use them to keep possession and get it to your CF to shoot on goal. YOU CAN’T USE A REROLL on the SHOOT DIE

PENALTY SHOT – allows the shooter to elect one face of the SHOOT (S) die and change it to GOAL – giving 50/50 chance of scoring

Here’s gameplay between BOSTON and the CANUCKS. BOSTON to roll first
(Face off die) 6 – Cleaned out by Boston
(Midfiled die) – 6 – FOUL!
(Foul die) – 5 -Charging by the Canucks, face off in the centre
(F/O die) – 5 – Turned over to the CANUCKS in Midfield
(M) – 2 – Shows some good SKILLZ and earns a re-roll point to be used when he pleases. Play continues
(M) – 5 – Pass through the CF for the CANUCKS
(CF) – 2 – But it’s been LOST and turned over to the BOSTON DEFENSE (but he has re-roll and tries again)
(CF) – 1 – That’s a better effort by the CF – he dekes, then shoots…….?
(S) – 4 – It’s a GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! What a start for the Canucks! Back to the centre line…..

I hope that makes sense….the game invokes a lot of commentary and imagining position on the ice. Enjoy and all comments are welcome!

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Sounds fun.

I am a big hockey fan, and I play recreationally as well, so I can help with the lingo. Here's some quick adjustments to consider.

CF should just be Center (or Centre)
Midfield should be Neutral Zone
Skillz could be Dangle (which is any kind of fancy stick handling)
Cleaned should be Cleared
Centre line should be Red Line or could also be called Center Ice
Foul should be penalty

Suggestion for the shot die. Make one of them: SAVE REBOUND (S)
This would allow the shooter to roll the shot die again. It's common for goalies to make a save, but it bounces off of them creating a juicy opportunity for the offensive team.

Anyway, I hope that is of some use.

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Yes, that's great feedback.

Yes, that's great feedback. Exactly the type of changes I was looking for......If you get a chance to play a few games, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the gameplay?

I've added those suggestions.....see how others like them!


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Stickhandle vs Dangle - which

Stickhandle vs Dangle - which is more commonly used?

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Another Two Cents

Your game is a Stanley-Cup-Champion idea.

What about the alternative of a player skating past/through the defence instead of passing the puck? Players might slip the puck between their opponent's legs, drop it around one side, slide it along the boards, or simply carry it around while straight-arming the defender. Of course, a defender might poke-check, body-check or hip-check the puck carrier. Also, some goaltenders (e.g. Ken Dryden) were fond of passing dumped pucks out to the defense or even to a winger.
What about penalties and the power play?
What about the pressure of the clock running down at the end of the period/game? Is overtime possible? Shoot-outs?
Is hitting the crossbar or a goalpost too unlikely to include?
What happens if the coach waves a white towel?
Can we begin by singing national anthems together?
On box: "Tuques and beer not included."

Can I get season tickets?

Joined: 01/06/2009
Hehe - the budget has blown

Hehe - the budget has blown out!

I like the first suggestion...and definitely 'Tuques and beer not included' on the box....that'd be a winner!

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