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Pokemon Journey: The Deck-Building Card Game - Blind Play Test

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon Journey: The Deck-Building Card Game! You and your friends will take on the role of an up-and-coming Pokémon Trainer in the race to become the best there ever was! Your journey begins in the tall grass. Your Starter Pokémon is by your side! It's up to you to explore the world and its various Locations, all while catching Pokémon, collecting Items, and earning Badges along the way! New cards will be added to your deck as you play, and in the end, the player with the most Experience Points in his or her deck wins the game!

Hey all, my name is Ben Friedman. I'm the creator and designer of Pokemon Journey. I'm looking for blind playtesters to read the rule book, learn how to play, and complete one or more games on their own. If there are any breakdowns in gameplay or if something is broken, please report it to this forum.

Please feel free to visit the Print and Play documents, as well as our Tabletop Simulator version where you can play online via Steam. You are welcome to visit the discussion forum, but keep in mind the nature of blind tests when asking questions. All feedback is welcome and encouraged.

2017 2-Player PnP Game Contest

~ Best Use of Theme
~ Best Graphic Design (excluding Artwork & Icons)
~ Best New Designer
~ Best New Mechanic (Solitaire Line-up & Tall Grass + Meeples & Travelling + Highly Interactive Gameplay)
~ Best Game

All Pokemon characters and names belong to The Pokemon Company.
No monetary gain has been made.
All art and icons used are placeholders, however, artists are recognized on each card.
All other graphic design produced by Benjamin Friedman.

-Rulebook and Print & Play-

-Card Forums-

-Facebook Home Page-

-Tabletop Simulator Workshop-

Glass shoe games
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I really want to play this

I really want to play this but that's a ton of cards to cut and sleeve.

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Looks fun!

This looks really fun! Deck building fits the Pokemon theme better than the original card game. But are you sure you want to make a game with someone else's IP? Their lawyers are nasty and they've shut down fan projects before.

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IP Concerns

I agree Pokemon works incredibly well thematically with deck building. The idea that you're going out and collecting things makes the in-game actions feel spot on. The Line-up and traveling mechanics also play well with the theme, as every game really does feel like a unique adventure. There's tons of interaction and meaningful choices to be made, as well as a depth of strategic avenues.

However, I will admit The Pokemon Company is brutal about their IP. Yes, I will pursue this project until I'm told to stop, or until I convince them the game needs to exist...and it needs to exist! If I'm told to stop, I'm quickly ready to retheme and get with another publisher. Putting myself out here is the only way I can build a fan base of support and show that my product is worthwhile! Building a community that loves the game can also be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Cutting Concerns

I understand your concern. I have fixed this issue by creating separate print documents. This will allow you to print each base game separately. You will still need to print one set of Energy and Misstep cards. I recommend you begin with the Kanto Expansion. This comes to 23 pages to print. If you enjoy it, you can print and cut the other expansions later!

Hope this helps!

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