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Print and play testing my card game (Flipz)

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Hi, i am looking for some play testers to help test my game

This is phase 1 testing so no artwork needed

The cards are ready for printing which has very little detail so it wont use up a lot of your ink (just set it to draft print)

Link to my youtube channel explaining how to print and play the game

Here are my cards ready for printing

Also the rules of my card game
This is just a little tutorial to help you print and play with your cards with little effort. Also my new TCG can be printed and is ready for some play testing

Printable cards from

Rules for Flipz

-5 rounds a game -Player with the most score at the end of the 5 rounds is the winner.
-Both players shuffle their own deck and place it on the table
-Both players draw 5 cards each, and each player can mulligan up to 3 cards and then redraw until you have 5 cards in your hand
-The round starts when both players draw 2 cards each
-Both players place 5 cards face down on the table
-Discard the remaining 2 cards in your hand to the discard pile (Discard pile cards cannot be used for the rest of the game)
-Both players reveal their 5 cards at the same time
-Calculate your cards total score and if you have effect cards, their effects are activated during the score tallying.
- Once a winner is declared the cards on the table are then moved to the discard pile and then the next round begins.

Also as a bonus effect, if you have 5 heroes on your side of the table then increase your total tally by 500 during the tally count
If you have 5 villains instead then your opponent will lose 500 points during the tally count.

PDF file

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Based on the youtube video,

Based on the youtube video, the game is mostly suitable for small children. In the game player has very limited choices that in the end are just pure luck. It resembles a bit the traditional game called War, but this alteration does not make the known crap any better. So not much to test here I think. This kind of game doesn't require testing, because it is based on pure luck.

Ok I was a bit too harsh. After some reconsidering, it is only 95% pure luck.

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good for

If this is a kid's game I think it would be fun for them.

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Yeah it was until people kept

Yeah it was until people kept telling me on these forums that it was too simple and the mechanic was too basic. So I changed the mechanics to add power effect cards and then card placements, but the it just got too complicated and I just stopped doing it.

Was the same for my faction war card game, was really basic but suggestions and criticism came in so I drastically changed it. It didn't feel like the game I wanted to do so I scrapped it

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