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Print-n-play playtesters and rules readers needed for family friendly storytelling adventue game!

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We're looking for some game enthusiasts to help out with our ongoing beta playtest for a new family friendly rpg/board game hybrid, Story Realms. (Info about the game can be found at:

We're on a ramped up schedule as we get ready for the game launch, and we'd love to have a few extra playtesters or rules readers for both the base game rules and some adventure scenarios. We need folks who can give us some solid feedback with a pretty quick turn around. Anyone interested in taking a look and giving your opinion?

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3 questions

1.How big is the set of cards?

2. What is the minimum number of players required?

3. How long does an average game take?

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Hi! Great questions! 1. There


Great questions!

1. There is a lot for the print and play, its about 30 pages of components total including the game board, i think it's 42 regular sized cards (36 of them double sided with different info front/back), 10 or so tarot sized cards (6 double sided), 7 player boards, and other pieces (including dice).

2. It can be played with 2-7 players, 1 Storyteller and 1-6 other players. We've done most of our playtesting with groups of 3-6

3. An adventure/scenario takes about an hour to play, including character making. We've had great success playing with kids as young as non-reading 5 year olds, and also had groups of adults enjoy the game.

I realize its a TON to ask for Print and Play, so we'd be really appreciative of folks who just want to read through and look over the components, etc and give us feedback as well.

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