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Race Against the Clock Co-op with a Twist

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I'm Paul from 2 Handsome Games ( Our latest addition to our games library is Stay Out of My Dungeon! and we have a completely free to play print-n-play version (with ugly placeholder art!) for your pleasure (and feedback!).

Stay Out of My Dungeon! is a semi-cooperative 5-player race-against-the-clock, deduction, dungeon defending board game with a twist. Rather than playing as the dungeon delvers, each player takes on the role of 1 of 5 unique and zany goblins determined to defend their dungeon from would-be invaders. Players will test their defenses against an array of invading forces including lawful knights, angry old wizards, pitchfork armed townsfolk, flaming pigs, insurance adjusters, ninja cats, and more!

Stay Out of My Dungeon! has a unique twist on the worker placement mechanic. To win the game, players must construct a dungeon so impenetrable that not even the King's Royal Guard would dare delve it. Each turn players will work to construct one of three major defenses: the Sharkodile Moat (that's right, a moat filled with mutant Shark Crocodile hybrids); the Parasitic Poison Traps (what's worse than dumping boiling poison on your enemy, you ask? Lacing it with flesh eating brain infesting parasites, of course); or the Mother-Of-All-Flamethrowers herself, the HBFT3000 (aka Hell Bringer Flame Thruster 3000). If all three defenses are constructed, the goblin players win the game. But if the Royal Guard reaches the dungeon before that happens, the goblin players lose.

What makes the worker placement mechanic different than normal is that each turn players will place their own meeple at one of the 3 primary locations above. Your position at the location determines the order in which things happen (e.g. the order in which damage is dealt in combat and rewards are awarded). Players will achieve global and, more importantly, individual rewards for completing construction phases of a particular defensive structure. Being in the first spot at an individual location the moment that location gets built to perfection will earn you a very powerful individual reward. But be wary! There is a chance that one goblin player is a spy working for the King. Transformed to match the hideousness of the rest of you, this spy-goblin is set to undermine your traps, steal your blue prints, and lead the King's Guard into your dungeon.

We have a completely free print-n-play version of the game online. The rules have been simplified to a 'quick start' version. The individual PnP parts can be found in the Games section of our website.

Direct link to PnP:!blank/w8su4

Video introduction:

The quick-start rules are sufficient to play the game. We will add the nuance to it but we really didn't want the rule book to be an entry barrier to playing the game.

Our contact information is on the site but feel free to reach out to us at, here, or fine us on BGG.

We hope you'll enjoy playing Stay Out of My Dungeon! and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

- Thanks

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Looks good ..

And (tentatively) backed.

Strictly 5 player is iffy, but otherwise it looks good (except some of the steps in the how to play graphics weren't showing for me, but I think that's on my end right now).

Already launched, 20 days left .. where have you been marketing this? This is the first I've heard of it and I'm usually all over new games coming out or Kickstarting.

Do you have any 3rd party reviews?

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We are going to use our first

We are going to use our first (most likely failed) Kickstarter as a marketing step. We have 70ish backers and have had some great insight and conversation with them.

It's almost as if that's what Kickstarter was made for.... (I digress).

We're going to the usual outlets. Local shops, here, BGG, various other board game blogs / review sites.

We have no 3rd party reviews. We just got around to uploading our PnP. We intend to offer it to all of our backers currently.

The strictly 5-player bit is tricky. We'd love to do, say, 4-6, but it gets hard to balance. We personally tested it with 4 and it needed some tweaks (e.g. effect of incorrect accusation needs to be larger since there are fewer options and thus you can be more sure of an accusation when you make it). So we stuck with 5 only for now.

It plays pretty well that way. The individual rewards keep it from ever really feeling like a run away. And we tried to cover all possible Kelching strategies (that's a word we use to mean 'what if I just do this dumb/obvious thing over and over? will it break the game?). We think we've addressed random accusations, immediate Spy reveals, blowing all your Megas immediately, never using your Megas, refusing to cooperate, Loyalty card open discussion, etc.

Regarding the how-to-play steps, they appear to load for me on various browsers but not on others. Not sure if that's a user error or a Kickstarter error.

We will probalby relaunch after (hopefully) getting some reviews, playtests, and the word spread on various forums.

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Just wanted to add a quick

Just wanted to add a quick update on the current state of Stay Out of My Dungeon. We've made some substantial changes.

- 1: The game is now 4-6 players instead of strictly 5. To accomplish this took only some minor but very clever changes (that came about through recommendations from our Kickstarter backers and for which we are so grateful) and slight tweaking to accommodate and play up those changes.
- 2: We've introduced TWO new Loyalty types. Rather than playing as either Loyal or Spy, players can play as Loyal, Spy, the Selfish Jerk, or the Anarchist. There is still only one Spy but the two new loyalty types offer individual win conditions that can trump the regular loyals. See below for how the two new loyalty types interact.
- 3: We've added a 6th playable goblin character. With the introduction of the Selfish Jerk and Anarchist, we felt the game needed another player capable of building more effectively. The new playable character can only play 1 construction card per turn, but his unique Mega Ability gives him the ability to sneak an individual reward by finalizing the construction of one of the 3 primary locations while his unique passive ability allows him to more efficiently hoard good Action cards thus positioning himself for that late game victory.
- 4: We've added two new locations which players can 'perfect' in order to gain global and individual benefits. The Armory will help you stay alive longer in combat while the Forge will help you get rid of those pesky invaders. While the crux of Stay Out of My Dungeon revolves around perfect all 3 Primary Locations (i.e. the turret, the moat, and the traps), these secondary locations still award individual rewards which are crucial for the Selfish Jerk and Anarchist.
- 5: We've clarified the game board and added two new locations for the accused Spy player. Namely, a Captured and an Escaped square.
- 6: Rules! Rules! Rules! Our rulebook has come a long way. We are short on examples and pictures (though we do have several) as our artwork is still only placeholder. But the language has been simplified and we've reduced the phases-per-turn count as well to make things tidier.

Let's talk about the win conditions for two new loyalty types.

• The Selfish Jerk wins the game if, once all 3 primary locations are perfected, he or she has at least 2 of the 5 individual location rewards - and has not been successfully accused. If the Selfish Jerk has been accused by the end of the game, he/she needs 3 rewards instead of 2 to claim an individual victory.
• The Anarchist wins the game if once all 3 locations are perfected, nobody has
more than 1 of the individual rewards and there has been at least 1 other Loyal
player successfully accused. We recommend excluding the Anarchist card from the 4 player game. He/she is a ton of fun in the 5- and 6-player variants.

Want to play for free? Check out our free PnP here:!blank/w8su4

Want a hard copy to review? Let us know and we will gladly send you one:!blank/w8su4

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions? We'd be happy to hear them!

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