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Realm of Legends [Updated!] - Proofreaders required

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Hey all,
We got the alpha rules for our new game (WIP) ready. Its just 4 pages, so if anyone would like to give it a whirl - you are very welcome! The PDF download can be found here (new version 6,9 MB):

+++ New Version the Rules now 16 Pages booklet with lots of explanations added +++

Here is the back of the box teaser text to get you started:

Realm of Legends - Board Game
Cartoon Fantasy battles on a 3x3 grid!


"Realm of Legends" (ROFL) is a fast-paced dice and card game about cartoon fantasy characters battling on a 3x3 grid.

ROFL is designed to be playable right out of the box, without tedious deck building or card drafting. Each player builds his hero party from a selection of typical high-fantasy character classes like the Knight, the Priest, the Wizard or the dreaded Barbarian. Each class is compromised by a pre-constructed stack of cards and all the Heroes in your party form your deck.

The gameboard (referred to as the Realm) consists of a virtual 3x3 square grid. Each player hires one Hero per turn and places it on any free space on the Realm. The first player who hires five Heroes wins the game. As space is limited, the Realm gets more crowded from turn to turn and Heroes maneuver, attack each other and activate heroic abilities in order to conquer the tiny 3x3 board.

The essence of combat are two opposed dice-rolls : While the attacker tries to land as many hits as possible with one roll, the defender is anxious to prevent as much damage as he can. The only thing both have in common is the hilarious amount of dice rolled.

Gameplay is further enhanced by 72 dual function Heroic Ability cards, compromising 140 combat skills and magic spells in total.

Clever party selection, Hero placement, timing of Heroic Abilities as well as a good portion of luck are required to become the new ruler of the "Realm of Legends"!


• 2 player old fashioned board game
• Self-published via Print-on-Demand (physical copy) and Print-and-Play (cheap alternative)
• Print-on-Demand via The Gamecrafter (US) and Wargamevault (EU)
• Duration of a match is 30 minutes
• Non-Collectible, playable out of the box
• Components: Cards, Dice and a few tokens (glass pebbles)
• Easy to learn, difficult to master (suitable for kids but challenging enough for grown-ups)

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Man I like the games you design!

Well Tobias this game may seem small but it packs a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF! ;)

I read the rules, you're right 4 pages is not too much. But I'm not sure if I could play the game after reading the rules. Of the top of my mind are a few questions:

1. For clarity in section 1.4 you should explain each Zone in sub points like 1.4.1 Realm, 1.4.2 Tavern, etc.

I'm not sure I understand each Zone... Maybe I would add a diagram with the play area and the different Zones. That might clear up the Zones!

2. In section 1.7 it sounds like Deck-Building. What Zone is this? It says "stacks", how many are there and how do they relate to the play area???

3. In section 2.1 why do Heroes lose all their Mana points? Shouldn't this happen in the End Phase? It's a little bit confusing why *clean-up* doesn't happen in the End Phase.

Also in the Tavern, is this a Deck? It says I can choose a Hero in the Tavern and put it in play. Can I search the Tavern for a specific Hero??? I think Zone explanation may better improve the understanding of the Tavern and how it works.

4. In section 2.2, why not *clean-up* the Mana at the end of this phase??? I think I understand that Mana may be used on your opponent's turn... You should explain this briefly in this section (if TRUE).

5. In section 2.3 you talk about Actions. Maybe you should explain this before section 2.1. So you have 2 Action points unless your Hero entered play - then you only have 1 Action point.

6. In section 3 Move takes 1 AP and Turn ALSO takes 1 AP? It's not clear how Turning relates to Moving. Move seems to indicate you can only move in the direction you are FACING. Otherwise what is the purpose of Turn??? If I am facing RIGHT and want to move UP, doesn't that mean I need to spend 1 AP to TURN LEFT (to face UPWARDS) and then spend 1 AP to MOVE UP???

7. In section 3.5 Guarding is confusing. It says I SAVE 1 AP for later(??) and then it says ALL remaining Actions are LOST??? I thought 1 AP was SAVED?! Somewhat confusing...

8. In section 3.6 Skill cards it states "...these skills do not trigger guarding enemies". Does that mean if I guard, I can still be attacked by a skill? If so, this doesn't sound right. If I reserved 1 AP for later, I should be able to counter a skill in some way... This is a bit strange rule or exception...

9. In section 3.7 Channel Mana it says "Roll dice EQUAL to it's Magic Statistic." But if you read on it say "4, 5 or 6 count as a success and grant 1 Mana point." So isn't it ALWAYS 1d6 you roll??? So the part about rolling a dice equal to your Magic statistic is wrong... Or seems to be.

10. I don't understand section 3.7.1 Fizzle at all. You need to reword this, because I have NO CLUE what it means...

11. In section 3.7.2 Perfect is states if you roll a 6 you get 2 Mana points. But in 3.7 it says you only get ONE... You should clear up this confusion between 3.7 and 3.7.2.

12. In section 3.8 Memorize can I attach MORE THAN ONE spell? If YES, how many? It says the spell will be available for the remaining of the game. Shouldn't it say UNTIL THE HERO DIES?

13. In section 3.9 don't I only have 1 Mana point (MP) or 2 MP (if I rolled a 6)??? Do all spells cost like 1 or 2 MPs???

14. Section 4 is confusing to me. So far not too bad... But you lost me in this section... How does 4.2 Defend relate to 4.3 Counterstrike? Are you defending or counter-striking??? I don't get this at all.

15. Section 4.4 Attack of Opportunity is a normal attack (if he was Guarding). That's understandable.

16. In section 5.1 Attack roll, how many dice do we roll??? It states "Each hit causes one point of damage" and "a result of 4, 5 or 6 counts as a hit". The number of dice we roll is unclear and not stated.

17. In section 5.1.3 Fumble. Again not sure I understand this. You need to explain this differently. Is it if you roll a 1, you lose one of your successful hits???

18. In section 5.1.4 Critical, what is the "Saved against individually" about??? What does this mean???

19. In section 5.2 how many dice does the opponent roll?

20. In section 5.2.1 Fumble, again how does this work?

21. In section 5.3 Damage, you have a TYPO at the end: "As long as a Heroes Health is below its starting Healt". Should be "Health".

22. In section 5.4 it would be best if you EXPLAINED how the Tavern Zone works. It's confusing Face-down, Face-up, is it a deck or what??? Not clear at all.

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hey, thanks for your

hey, thanks for your feedback!

you put quite a lot of work into that post. I will use it and rewrite the rules step by step according to your suggestions. thanks again, because this is the stuff that helps me make it better.

mind you: these are the alpha rules, written while we where play testing the game. it seems so easy to write rules of a game that you already know how to play!

the main problem is space - if i want to include the rules in a printed form with the game, they have to be as compressed as possible.

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As always, questccg is on top

As always, questccg is on top of things! There's a lot that can be fixed or clarified, and I think I might have some issues that weren't addressed already.... but I'd like to see what you do with your next revision before I come out with any additional critiques, especially since it looks like you have a lot of revisions to make already! I think some of my uncertainties will be cleared up by your next draft :) looking forward to reading it!

Are you absolutely committed to not including the dice or tokens, like you stated in your rules? :P

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Well, i now addressed

Well, i now addressed questccgs points 1 and 2 ... (haha, 2 out of 22 ! )

The problem is: the rules are about to explode! When i take time and put care to explain everything with texts and diagrams, even 6-8 pages won't be enough.

thats not a problem for me - but it will increase the price of the final product by a significant amount. the old rules could be squeezed onto 2 page documents - now a booklet of some sort is required.


Two versions of the same game: one with rules and another one without. Then: Make rules available for download for free. This way, players can decide if they buy the cheaper version without rules and dl the PDF rulebook to print at home (if they print it at all).

@ rene.shible: Dice and Tokens won't be included IN the rulebook, thats for sure! :-D

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yuck on getting rules online

That's consistently an issue I have with consumer products that do one page useless instructions with a download reference. Though there are a lot of cost factors, from a user perspective it reads cheap when you spend more than ~$20 for something that can't include what I perceive to be pennies worth of extra paper.

Games even more vividly because sometimes one wants to immediately play their impulse purchase.

I think ranking illustrations and examples as needed, useful, or nice to have can help making decisions about what to include versus what could be an online supplement.

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@questccg(this is meant as a


(this is meant as a joke, don't take it personal - i value you and your opinion!)

hey quest - you are such a douchebag! Im spending half of my day off to correct your issues (especially everything that comes after "fizzle" grrr...). Your suggestions read like you turned your mind off when reading the rules - like a drooling idiot trying to understand einsteins theory.

well, okay - actually you helped me a lot. Rules must be written in a way that even a drooling idiot understands them. this is the way to make them bullet proof.

now, you are allowed to turn your mind on again.

expect the new version ... well ... someday...

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Just read it... all the way through

As I mentioned earlier, I think your game ideas are COOL...

The sort of games that I would want to play (like Crystal Archons, your CCG and now RofL)!

I took the time to try to see if I could play the game given each section of the rulebook. When I was *moderately* uncertain, I raised it as a flag... so you can review and see if that particular section could be clarified or re-worded.

If I had to THINK about what a section meant - I raised the issue. Instructions need to be dummy proof. Sometimes I could ASSUME what you were trying to say... But then you know what happens: You make an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME"! :P

So if there was any uncertainty, I brought up the point (for revision at the least).

But overall I understood the game. I re-read the rulebook a couple of times before questioning the various sections. So I hope I did help - because I didn't waste my time proofreading the entire rulebook! :)

Let us know when the update will be ready and I will take a look into it!

@corsaire: I agree with him. Don't do a downloadable version and a short version. People don't want to have to go to a website to download the rulebook. What I would suggest is to make the rulebook AVAILABLE for download but also INCLUDE a FULL version with the game.

I know it may bump the game up by $5.00. Trust me it's worth it...

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@questcgg: no problem, you

@questcgg: no problem, you did a good job disassembling this thing - we stay friends :-D

(Im still working on my other projects BTW. but like most of us, i have 4-5 projects at the same time, so i can switch back and forth as my creativity allows).

Okay guys:

This will take a while and its a LOT of work. I will update this thread in little bit more than a week or so.

1. The rulebook will be completely rewritten with added explanations, examples and diagrams.
2. The format will change to fit a small booklet like the ones found on the game crafter (size of a poker card). This allows up to 20 pages, should be enough.

After that I will re-release the rules. Maybe you chould check them again. As suggested, rules will be added to the full game in booklet form AND be available for download.

Finally, when all this is done - i require a bunch of play testers who would be so kind to print and play Realm of Legends.

This has to be done after the rules re-release because im still working on the skills of the various chars (3 are completed but the others are still WIP).

To give you an impression, here are a few skills from 3 different Heroes. So it might be a bit easier to find out what impact the skills will have on the game and how they meld together with the core rules and the Heroes themselves:

SHIELD WALL (Knight Skill) (This is an Inherent skill on the Knights Hero Card)
Activate While guarding > This Hero defends with 3d against attacks from the front and with 2d against attacks from any other side.

VALIANT STRIKE (Knight Skill) (A skill card from the deck)
Play During activation > Target adjacent enemy this Hero is facing: Until end of turn, it's defense rolls succeed on 5+ (instead of 4+).

SNEAK ATTACK (Rogue Skill) (Inherent Skill)
Spend one action while attacking > Your flank and rear attacks gain one bonus die each (in addition to the normal bonus dice).

SHADOWSTEP (Rogue Skill) (Deck Skill)
Play During activation > This Hero ignores guarding enemies until end of turn.

ENRAGE (Barbarian Skill) (Inherent)
When attacking > While this Hero is wounded, add 1d to your attack.

BLOOD RAGE (Barbarian) (Deck)
Play when attacking > This Hero may sacrifice any amount of Health to add the same amount of dice to the attack (This Hero may not fall due to this ability).

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Okay guys, I just updated the

Okay guys,
I just updated the rulebook. The new version is much more detailed but not completely finished yet. All the important parts are included already, there is just a bit of polish and artwork missing here and there. It would be really cool if you take another look at it.

Quick summary of updates:

# File size increase (!) to 6,9 MB
# Format changed to 16 pages mini rulebook (2,5 inch by 3,5 inch - poker card size)
# The current version is actually 17 pages, ignore the last one please

# Added Introductory chapter
# Amount of text in all sections was expanded to be more detailed and clear
# Card sample added (template still being worked on)
# Added zones of play explanation
# Added zones of play diagram
# Added more detailed explanation of the Tavern + Hero selection
# Added explanation of the generic dice rolling system (includes fumbles and perfect)
# Channel Mana / Cast section expanded and clarified
# Guard / Guard Reaction section expanded and clarified
# Amount of dice rolled during combat clarified
# Added examples to the most important aspects of the game

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