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Reign of Deer – Abstract wargame

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This game is best described as an strategic wargame for two players using an eight-by-eight board, set in an fabled warfare between tribes of deer, reindeer and mooses/elks. There are two armies: the defending army whose objective is to protect the king pawn and to pacify the attacker, and the attacking army with the objective to either capture or kill the king. The pieces have a unique form of movement, battles occurs when a piece is placed adjacent to an opponent's piece. Battle is settled by dice roll, action tokens are used to limit choice (mostly movement) during each turn.

At the moment, it is heading in two directions, a pure abstract and one mor themed.

Overview: Abstract strategy wargame

Ludo: Agon+Alea

Players: 2
Game Time: 15-40 minutes
Ages: 8+

Theme: War over territory (between, reindeers, red deers and elks).


The game starts with a deployment phase when both players set up the board and placing their pawns, after that there is two alternating phases. One phase with movement; when both players is able to move pawns and one phase with battling; when any adjacent pawn is allowed to attack each other. These two alternating phases is considered as “a turn” and continues until there is a winner.

You have three action tokens per turn to move, add to a roll or to reroll. You do not save them between turns and can not stack them over time. You use either in the movement phase, the dust phase or in both. Unused tokens at the end of a turn is discarded. You begin every new turn with three new action tokens.

Current phase: In progress, playtesting.

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