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Requesting Feedback - OLLO - Pattern-Matching Abstract Strategy Game

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UPDATE 2 - Here is (most likely) the final update of the rules unless someone starts giving suggestions on making the rules clearer. Notation was finally added and, through notation, an entire game was played out (with two pictures detailing what two of those turns look like in real life). A logo of sorts was added (the word "Ollo" spelt out in game pieces). A few other minor edits to the first page (there's still too much white space for my taste but, at this point, it is "good enough").

UPDATE - A slightly updated version of the rules: Less white space, some clarifying edits (mostly a clarification that a player must not make a move that prohibits their opponent from making a move when available game pieces become very scarce unless the player can win the game, was implied before but not explicitly spelt out) and a few more illustrations. I'm also beginning to like the tentative name so now is the time to suggest a new one or forever hold your piece. :)

STILL MISSING: Gameplay segment, notation and a few other odds and ends.

ORIGINAL POST BELOW (Now slightly obsolete)...

Here are the rules for my latest game, OLLO (Tentative name). In brief, it is a 2-player game where people place down and move pieces in order to replicate sequences of pieces that are elsewhere on the board.


* There is no game play segment; I'm too burnt out but I can make one if people need that level of clarity.

* There is no notation for now; Again, burnt out.

* There is a lot of white space; I suppose I can trim the wording a bit but wrestling with LibreOffice has (say it with me) burnt me out. I really need to learn Scribus a lot better.

* The name is tentative; The game needed a name and there it is.

* If you choose to playtest, I recommend playing it via spreadsheet (as in, mock up a gameboard on an Excel or Libreoffice spreadsheet); I tried a regular-paper prototype but it didn't work out so well (the pieces were too flimsy).

* Comments, questions and concerns are more then welcome. Thank you for viewing my rules.

Joined: 07/29/2008
Bump - Mostly Final version of Rules

This is a bump to advertise the mostly-final version of the rules for my latest game, OLLO. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Unless something needs clarifying, this is as far as the rules go unless I get motivated and learn enough Scribus to be useful.

As always, thank you for viewing my rules.

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I'm replying because it seems

I'm replying because it seems like others have not.

I've only taken a few minutes to look at the rules and they seem balanced.

The problem is that I have only taken a few minutes to look at the rules.

Being that the game is abstract and the rules are 12 pages long, and there is no hot girl that really wants to play this game with me, I'm disinclined to read further and try to playtest.

That's going to be true for most of the publishers you send to, and most of the people you want to buy the game.

You have developed a very clean and attractive rulebook for a balanced game I hope you fine a way to make people interested.

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